Connect MySQL database on Stackato with Toad

Assume you have connected to Stackato:

PS C:\> stackato target api.<hostname>
Successfully targeted to [https://api.<hostname>]
PS C:\> stackato login
Attempting login to [https://api.<hostname>]
Email: <your email>
Password: ******************
Successfully logged into [https://api.<hostname>]
Reset current group: OK
PS C:\> stackato group <your group>
Successfully set current group to [<your group>]

Run these commands to get access information to MySQL database:

PS C:\> stackato tunnel
1. f5qa-mysql
2. f5qa-push-mysql
Which service to tunnel to: 1
Getting tunnel url: OK, at https://tunnel-f6667.<hostname>
Getting tunnel connection info: OK

Service connection info:
| Key      | Value                             |
| username | usIUyNnvRnrCN                     |
| password | pKRr7Iz9n03dH                     |
| name     | d15ffa8be6e6c4e189bed3a0cf06a08be |

1. none
2. mysql
3. mysqldump
Which client would you like to start? 1
Starting tunnel to -mysql on port 10000.
Open another shell to run command-line clients or
use a UI tool to connect using the displayed information.
Press Ctrl-C to exit...

Now open Toad for MySQL.
Go to Menu/File/New/Connection and provide the information:

Connection Type: TCP
Host: localhost
User: usIUyNnvRnrCN
Password: •••••••••••••
Database: <leave it blank>
Port: 10000

Name: d15ffa8be6e6c4e189bed3a0cf06a08be

Then click Connect button.


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