Install Android 2.3.7 on Kyros MID7015A

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I just flashed and installed another Gingerbread image Android 2.3.7 on my Kyros MID7015A. I believe the mod was done mainly by fun_ who posted on xda-developers. The performance is even better than last Android 2.3.1 mod. More importantly, it solved the rooting issue of last mod. Thank you fun_!

The mod includes ClockworkMod Recovery 5, CyanogenMod 7 and FWDN image. Then install gapps using CWM.

However this mod has problems as well.

  • SD card can’t mount to PC, I have to unmount SD card from the tablet and take it out then plug into PC to access SD card files. It is not the way I like it but I can live with that.
    I found a solution by searching the thread of the xda-developers forum. Install an app USD Mass Storage Watcher, check option Mount USB Mas Storage Automatically. That did the trick. Oulala!
  • After calibration, touch screen won’t work. This issue is more serious. Have to restore backup if it’s accidentally calibrated.
  • There are no volume up and down buttons on the status bar. Have to go to settings to adjust volume.
    Since MID7015A has no hard volume buttons, without soft volume buttons makes it worse when you want to adjust the sound volume. The solution is to install an app named Button Savior. So the soft volume buttons are back. Problem solved.
  • Stock Gallery is not able to load or play any videos. I like the stock Gallery of the last mod as it plays HD videos smoothly while other video players laggy. I think it is hardware acceleration problem.

The calibration problem remains unsolved. But I am happy that this tablet is able to run more apps and faster.

You can go to the following link where I followed step by step and downloaded all the files.

unofficial CyanogenMod 7/ClockworkMod Recovery 5 for TCC8902/TCC8803 tablets
CyanogenMod for Telechips

Look for the latest images for TCC8902 (2011/10/29) on “CyanogenMod for Telechips” page.
ClockworkMod Recovery 5, CyanogenMod 7, FWDN image

After flashing, the tablet will not have Market. To solve that, download here and install it using CWM.


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