Install Android 2.3 on Coby Kyros MID7015

1. install VTC driver
     VTC Driver Installer v5.0.0.1 for x64\dpinst.exe
2. launch FWDN_V7_v2.13.exe
3. Add files
NAND Data.fai  ( use the NAND Data.fai in the Nand patch folder)
4. boot tablet into FWDN mode
5. connect to computer with USB cable
    computer will install drivers. Check device manager to make sure in USB hardware there is a telechips device
    (Telechips TCC89xx VTC USB Driver)
6. go to FWDN_V7_v2.13, double check the files
7. select Start button
    if not working, change dropdown to low format whole memory before download, then select Start button
    if still not working, unplug USB cable and then plug it back in
    (ERROR: “NAND Data” Disk Size is not matched all the time) Need to follow Brent:
    did the first 2 files (low format) and then running thru the whole thing again with all 3 (including the NAND Data.fai this time) (default).
8. table shows 乐天派 ANDROID2.3
9. wait a few minutes for the device to boot up the first time
10. change to English
11. patch tipstir patch – cannot download
after the upgrade, is the device still rooted?
is the device still have Google Market?
Done flashing. Questions:
1. The device has problems with rooting:
– z4root does not work
– can’t obtain root access:
In Terminal Emulator, when I type su, I get an error:
su: uid 10045 not allowed to su
– apps fail to obtain root access, such as ROM Toolbox Pro, Busybox
– su binary outdated and SU Binary Updater fails to upgrade
2. Recovery does not have backup/restore option
– don’t know if it is ClockworkMod recovery. it only shows:
Android system recovery <3e>
    but the important thing is that it does not have backup/restore options
3. Model number
  – Model number shows Gpad701.
    I think this is what makes Google Play refuses to install a number of apps saying the apps are not compatible
Android system recovery utility
reboot system now
apply update from sdcard
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
change first logo
-from my Evernote, created 10/18/2012 9:30am

Edit: (3/22/2013)
Solutions for previous 3 problems.
1. The device has problems with rooting
Solution: I tried SuperOneClick, it works! I verified this with Terminal Emulator and ES File Manager.
2. Recovery does not have backup/restore option
Solution: Need to install CWM. I managed to install CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.7 using <3e> recovery
3. Model number
Solution: not a problem, it is just a Gpad701 rom and it seems working fine on MID7015A.

I restored this mod from the later 2.3.7 because this mod plays HD video smoothly with stock player and BSPlayer because of its hardware accelerator works while the cm7 mod not.


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