Making GV a standard SIP – iptel, IPKall, Google Voice, and Simon Telephonics

1. Subscribe a SIP account

2. softphone: Setup the SIP account taking 3CX as an example:
3. IPKall: Obtain a US DID phone number
(2 hour waiting before next registration)
4. check email: receive the DID number
5. SecurityKISS or any alternative: to hide ip – trick GV to think you are in US
6. Google Voice: Get a GV number
I want a new number
Add a forwarding phone: enter IPKall phone number here
Open 3CX softphone with the IPKall number
Call me now to verify the number
(uncheck both boxes?)
7. Simon Telephonics – Convert GV number to a standard SIP connection
8. ATA or softphone(3CX): setup SIP connection
9. All set – you can make calls and receive calls
– From my Evernote, Created: 06/18/2012 10:30PM

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